We create opportune
and harmonious learning
environments through
better communication

A Student Centric Collaboration Platform for Schools

We enable trackable real time, targeted and individual communication between teachers regarding students.

Features Include

Teacher's Planner

Daily planning tasks like timetabling lesson titles and aims, scheduling of homework and lesson notes.

Student Profiles

Day-to-day incident information tagged to students creating cross teacher student profiles.

School Monitoring

Real time monitoring of activity across the whole school and resolution of logistical issues.

Teachers are unable to
communicate to the other
relevant teachers effectively
in sufficient time

How It Works

Teachers use our app which can be used on a tablet in the classroom, between lessons on a mobile and on a desktop while lesson planning.


Teachers create notifications tagging the relevant students and stating the receiving subject teachers.


Teachers receive notifications about the students they are about to teach as they check-in to their class.


All notifications automatically populate tagged students profiles and real-time whole school analysis of incidents can be performed.

Watch the video below for some real life examples!

Teacher focused product which aids teachers with their professional management of students

Information For Teachers


The diary auto populates with your timetable, making it easy to schedule the topics and aims for your upcoming lessons.


Timetable tasks and reminders in your free periods. Tasks can be reallocated between free periods ensuring you are never caught out with too much to do in one free period.


Easily communicate with all the other teachers who teach a particular student through our sophisticated notification system.


View class profiles to review all the topics covered in the class. View student profiles to review the students incidents, populated by notifications you and other teachers have created.

20% of teacher’s time is spent following up on incidents - that time could be used in a more beneficial way

Information for Schools


Know cross teacher information about every student in the school. Making it easy to provide appropriate care to every student.


Documentation of students information classified into different categorises. All communication has a clear paper trail which can be reviewed and analysed as appropriate.


Understand of the current state of activity across the whole school. Be able to slice and dice the data to get the best insights into the current emotional state of your school.


See activity patterns and thus be able to prevent potential incidents through proactive intervention rather than reactive intervention.

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