All your lessons in one place for life

No longer do you need to worry about lost resources or messy edits. With Qlix, your lesson plans are saved for life, giving you more time for the things that matter.
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Making planning simple

With our user-optimised interface, setting up lessons is a breeze. Simply create your timetable, add your lessons and you’re ready to go.

No more rewriting lessons

Once you’ve set up your plans in Qlix you’ll never need to do it again. All you data is securely backed up and accessible whenever you need it.

Working on your terms

View or update your lesson plans, whenever, however you want, at the touch of a button.

Made by teachers for teachers

We believe that those that do it, know it. That’s why we partner with a panel of top teachers to help make Qlix better, every single day.

Lesson PLanning Redefined

Making it simple

Select your school. Choose your classes. And you’re ready to go.


Keeping it secure

Qlix securely backs up your lesson plans so you never have to do them again.

Always available

Qlix seamlessly updates across all your devices giving you the freedom to work however you want.

What others say

In my opinion, Qlix is how teachers will function in the near future. No more paper timetables, mark books or diaries needed. I am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to technology, but if I can use it with ease, anyone can.

Mrs April Wolfe

IELTS Co-Ordinator, Learning Support and Sixth Form Tutor

Qlix allows me to quickly create lesson plans from my previous lessons. This has saved me huge amounts of time giving the opportunity to focus on other teaching areas.

Becky Dibble

Dubai College

An intuitive, colourful and flexible organisational tool to collate lesson plans, timetables and so much more. Easy to set up and difficult to live without!

Lorraine Swann

Hampshire Collegiate School

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